What do surveyor engineers do?

design, develop, and operate systems for collecting and analysing spatial information about the land.

What do surveyor engineers do?
do you know where your property boundaries are? Have you ever wondered how maps are created? How does GPS work? What is the shape and size of the earth? How can the satellite imagery be interpreted to monitor the environment etc.?  Surveying Engineers or Surveyors perform different types of work such as measure land, air space, and water areas. We describe where a certain area of land is. We compute, portray and explain what it looks like, and how much is there. We put these facts in deeds, leases, and other legal documents.

To start a construction project after preliminary studies, a building plan is needed. The matter of mapping is so important that it has a history of thousands of years in the architecture of the world. They used it in their time, which has attracted the attention of many scientists and tourists. In today’s era, with the help of computer software and the advancement of science and technology, building mapping is being done at a very professional and extensive level.
So that even in the reconstruction of small buildings or interior architecture, people prefer to take calculated steps

and be aware of its details before any executive action. Building plans in the fields of architectural engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering is used to design architectural plans, structural calculations, electrical installations, and mechanical installations for applications such as apartment design, villa design, store design, and office design.


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