Every thing about Flooring

As its name suggests, it is a tool for covering the floor of spaces. The world of flooring is colorful. This colorful world is full of various designs. The discussion of flooring is not limited to having a beautiful space, besides changing the appearance of the space, flooring has a significant impact on our health and comfortable experience of the environment.

In today’s life, it is impossible to imagine a place without a floor. All kinds of carpets and rugs, all kinds of parquets, stones, tiles, ceramics, etc. have come to the help of decoration designers and architects to provide more beauty and comfort at home or at work.

Here are some types of flooring :
2-Wooden parquet flooring
3-Thermowood flooring
4-laminate floor
5-Bamboo flooring
6-PVC flooring
7-stone flooring
8-Ceramic flooring
9-concrete floor
10-Mosaic and tiles
11-Epoxy flooring

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