Top 5 styles of interior design

Interior design is to shape the interior space through floor-ceiling and wall design. In fact, interior design is very dependent on human activities and it can be defined as the art and science of human behaviour.

According to the definition of interior design, what interior designers do is mostly related to the interior space and their activity helps to design and renovate the interior space. They change the appearance of the room and make changes in the functionality of the room. Their activities include painting the floor of the building to arranging decorative items inside.  Interior designers are in contact with architects and construction contractors.

Top 5 styles of interior design :

Minimalism :


Minimalism is more than a design choice. It is a lifestyle.

In fact, one of the most modern interior design styles is the minimal style.

Many people do not understand the difference between minimal style and boring and soulless dryness, which is not the topic of our discussion. To some extent, this style can be considered as a combination of simplicity, elegance and beauty in luxurious relaxation and performance.

The remarkable point in this section is the simplicity of the rooms and the use of simple fabrics and decorations with dual use. The point of minimalism is to reduce your belongings to the minimum possible, so don’t overwhelm yourself with decorative items. A simple vase, cushion or bedspread is all you need. Ultimately, design is the most important factor in creating the right feel and style for your living room.


Of all the styles on this list, contemporary style is one of the most personal. The general consensus is that the contemporary style includes clean and simple lines, a natural colour palette, and free-plan, open-form living. In this case, if you are looking for a contemporary look, the first thing you need to do is to decide on your colour chart. Due to the similarity of interior design styles with contemporary interior design, we explain the difference between these two briefly:

Contemporary style is completely in tune with the times and is the opposite of modern styles of interior design. It includes everything from the 1950s to recent years.

Contemporary interior design styles have more freedom than the modern style which is based on square graphic lines and modernity.



In interior design styles, everything is rooted in traditional interior design ideas. And this means that you will be able to create a traditional interior design completely in your own style Bring and wear accessories that reflect your personality and lifestyle. For example, in the upper room, despite the layering and depth, a traditional beige sofa, Iranian carpets and chairs from the Louis V period, a point that distinguishes it from other traditional rooms is the presence of lamp base and art panel.


Definitely after getting to know transitional interior design styles and viewing the image above, a question might arise which is, what is the difference between transitional and traditional interior design?

The main difference of transitional interior design with other styles is the combination of guaranteed decoration using traditional furniture combined with modern elements that make the room out of simple style.

This issue is especially important when, for example, it is done after marriage or moving.

For a larger home, look for a mix of interior design styles.

The best transitional interior design styles create balance in unexpected combinations; and at the same time, they create a calm and warm atmosphere in the house.

Rustic :


With regard to the exterior space and the combination of rural houses and industrial interior design styles, rustic decoration is emphasized on natural and real space such as raw wood, stone and leather, along with unexpected and complex general changes.

In the picture above, we can see a combination of unique style furniture and handmade hanging with industrial-style wires and special leather seats. This means that we all like modern styles of interior design, they are combined with different elements to create a unique room.


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