What is landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture is a specialization that includes branches such as social sciences, arts, engineering sciences, philosophy, mathematics, etc.

A landscape architect works on all exterior structures, whether small or large, urban or rural, with a variety of materials. This branch of architectural activities deals with issues related to hydrology and environment.

In fact, landscape architecture includes design, planning, analysis and investigation, maintenance and restoration of land. This architecture is a conscious process to create a series of changes in the environment, which includes the design of the environment and different places.

Considering the health and comfort of people, landscape architecture tries to increase the quality of life and reduce people’s tension. Regarding this architecture, it can be said that the two concepts of sustainability and location have been considered.

Sustainability refers to the level of resistance and environment to continue life, and location refers to a space to create mental images and their longevity in the mind.

Areas of activity of the landscape architect :
* Reviewing and evaluating the environment and designing for its management
* Protection of historical and ancient spaces and gardens
* Designing different spaces in the city, such as sidewalks, squares, etc.
* Designing commercial and industrial towns and residential areas
* Designing the space around streets and public infrastructure
* Planning for new developments
* Designing the grounds of all kinds of recreational, public, sports parks, etc.
* Planning for the construction of bridges, tunnels and highways
* Urban reconstruction
* Designing historical, natural and tourist environments
* Landscaping schools, hospitals and other public places
* Designing the space around the roads

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