what is Landscaping?

Landscape design and execution :

Designing the grounds, outdoor spaces, swimming pools and a fountain is an integral part of interior and exterior design for luxury houses and villas. Landscape design and implementation includes stone and GRC decorations, natural wood and marble sidewalks, stone and cladding, smart irrigation networks, and area lighting. and decorative fence, and other works include planting plants, flowers, palms and natural grass.

Landscaping and the most important spatial conditions of the environment and its importance :
One of the most important tasks that must be done before designing a yard with any user is to check the location of the yard. Perhaps one of the main reasons for the failure of some projects or the lack of satisfactory results is the lack of careful attention to this stage of the work. The site survey includes elements such as weather conditions in the area, collecting information about the types of plants in the area, wind direction, soil condition, water condition, and irrigation type.
Also, the limitation in the design and construction of the area should be carefully checked. For example, sometimes some trees cannot be removed or there are facilities and buildings in places that cannot be removed or moved.
Another limitation that may exist for the designer is financial limitations. For this reason, the designer must consider financial constraints as much as possible. Of course, if the employer considers a large amount for landscaping costs, then it is possible to use better materials. Of course, the higher the start-up cost, the less repairs and maintenance you will need in the future.
Landscaping implementation steps :
1-Preparing and smoothing the area
2-Inspection of communication routes (streets) and sidewalks
3-Inspection of water and sewage networks
4-Implementation of the irrigation system and water supply to the area
5-Organizing electricity and gas networks and finally starting landscaping

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